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A Flat Screen Appears - as if by magic

Flatlift integrates televisions into furniture, kitchens, ceilings and alcoves.

A large, modern flat screen television is now standard equipment for many fans of home cinema, but it is not always easy to find the perfect place to put one.

What is more, for aesthetic reasons, many do not want constantly to be confronted with a television in the middle of their living room even when it is not in use.

The truly elegant and modern solution in such a case is to store the device in a discreet corner and only bring it out to use it.

A&M Specialist Home Products are now offering innovative TV lift and swivel systems which allow you to integrate even the largest of flat screen devices into furniture, kitchens, ceilings, alcoves or even to “hide”  them behind pictures and mirrors.

 A remote control is all that is needed; the TV slides out almost noiselessly into the perfect position for watching TV or DVDs – within seconds. After use, it disappears just as quickly, and this all at the touch of a button.

The lift travel and swivel angle can be programmed to the millimetre thanks to a USB interface.

The real fun can also be watching the reaction of friends and family when the TV appears as if from nowhere.

Products Range:-
  • Flat Screen TV Lifting Mechanisms
  • Flat Screen TV Pop Up & Pop Down Mechanisms
  • Slim Line Ceiling Flip Down Mechanisms
  • LCD/Monitor Lifting Mechanisms
  • Projector Lifts Mechanisms
  • Mechanisms with both lifting and swivel functions
  • Universal Flat Screen Mounts
  • Universal TV Floor Stands
  • Projector Screens
  • Multifunction Remote Controls
  • Designer Canvas Art Speakers
  • Bespoke Designer Cabinets
  • Home Theatre Seating
  • "Innovative Mounting Solutions for Plasma, LCD/TFT, Projector TV’s and PC’s”
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