"I would have no hesitation in recommending Ranald Milne as a bridge teacher at whatever level of Tuition is required"

Paul Porteous 
Chief Executive, Contract Bridge Association of Ireland (CBAI)

"... good humoured and urbane..."

Introduction to the CBAI Simultaneous Pairs 2009 commentary

"...plenty of bridge knowledge to share around"

Eamonn Galligan (Bridge commentator)

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Testimonials from previous participants

"Many thanks for a very interesting course. I thought the format was excellent and the quizzes led to great engagement by all"
Fiona Nolan

"I would like to thank you for all the preparation you put into your Tutorials.  They are most illuminating, instructive and enjoyable and I look forward to going along to whatever is decided upon in the New Year."
Sheila McNamara

"Enjoyed the last course . Re reading some of my bridge books. Much of the material makes so much more sense now.  Looking at all the sample hands very differently now."
Carmel Armstrong

"As an ex-teacher and admittedly not the best bridge player around, I wish to compliment you on the excellent preparation, presentation, analysis and notes that you provided in your recent course. It was the best, by far, of all I have experienced"
Maeve Hart

"The lessons have improved the way I approach play and have made all the differnce to my results. Your lessons are throughly enjoyable and worthwhile"
Mary O'Toole

"Thank you so much for your wonderful classes"
Pascale Wolfe

"I enjoyed your sessions especially the really clear explanations you gave"
Brianne McHugh

"We really enjoyed your lessons, thanks"
Don & Aideen Higgins

"Thank you for your email with these options of courses, you are wonderful to put so much work into all of them"
Ann Moore

27, All Hallows Square
Dublin 9

Ranald Milne

086 3868480


Bridge Classes

Area covered

Dublin Central & North Central
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