"I really enjoyed the course. I find that I'm getting better at planning when I'm declarer--always my weakest point! This makes me more confident in bidding games.
I look forward to the next session"

Cecily Donovan

"Today's session was brilliant,
 as usual"

Pascale Wolfe

"I really enjoyed the class and learned loads!!."
Cathy Dooley

Standard Acol for the Advanced player

Most people learn their bridge in rather haphazard ways and consequently a few misunderstandings, incorrect beliefs or knowledge gaps exist. This course of 10 lessons guides the student through the process of selecting the best bids, responses and rebids using Standard Acol as defined by the EBU and espoused by Ron Klinger, amongst others. In addition, there are modules on Competitive Bidding, Standard Conventions for use with Standard Acol, Declarer Play and Defence

In case you think that such a course might not interest you, I challenge you to answer the following questions 
with certainty (answers at the bottom of this page)

  1. What is the minimum length that opener is showing in the diamond suit in this auction :
    1 - Pass - 1 - Pass - 2 ?

  2. What is the minimum length that responder is showing in the spade suit in this auction :
    1♠ - Pass - 1NT ?

  3. Is the sequence 1 - Pass -1 - Pass - 2NT - Pass - 3♠ forcing?

  4. What is the minimum length that opener is showing in hearts in this auction :
    1 - Pass - 3 - Pass - 3 ?

Each week participants will receive advance copies of a bidding quiz, together with notes showing how to select the right bid using Standard Acol.

You’re challenge is to check your answers against the notes and see how often you’re right. The first half of every tutorial is used to discuss/clarify the notes and then to go through the quiz answers together. The second half is Play & Learn which hopefully will help you to further strengthen your bidding and play.

The next Standard Acol course

Location Time

Each session lasts approximately 3 hours.

€180 for 10 sessions (see class schedule below)

Notes and hand analyses are emailed afterwards, so that you can study further at your leisure. Printed copies can be pre-ordered for an extra €10   

If you would like to book for this series or you think that your club or region might be interested in hosting similar seminars then please contact Ranald on
086 3868480
or by email to

All events are subject to confirmed demand. We reserve the right to withdraw offers should insufficient numbers register in advance.

We also reserve the right to alter tutorial topics without warning.

Session notes, exercises, aids and reference materials are available only to those who have paid to attend the session to which the documents pertain.

All session notes, exercises, aids and reference materials are the intellectual property of Dublin Bridge. Students are expected to respect the copyright and not to share either the printed or electronically held material with anyone other than fellow students.

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Class Schedule


1. 6. Opener is denying a balanced hand and yet is weak without a 2nd suit
2. 0. The 1NT response simply shows 6-9 points. It doesn't promise a balanced hand
3. Yes, unless you've agreed to play "Check-back"
4. 1. A new suit from opener, after an invitational minor suit raise, is stopper showing

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