"Thanks for everything. Really enjoying the classes"
Noreen Sullivan (Senior Improver)

"I attended courses on Monday mornings and found the Topic Coaching sessions and play most helpful, particularly the course with the preparatory quiz. The format of preparation, presentation, play analysis and follow up notes were excellent and I would very much like to continue"
Antoinette Corrigan  (Senior Improver)

"Many thanks for your classes over the last few weeks. Fiona and I  have thoroughly enjoyed them"
Graham Smithers  (Senior Improver)

"We're all enjoying the classes"
Mary Breen (Senior Improver)

Senior Improver Tutorials

Category 1 - Declarer Play

The Basics of declaring no-trump contracts
The Basics of declaring trump contracts
Refinements to declaring no-trump contracts
Refinements to declaring trump contracts
Honour Management
Trump Management

Category 2 - Defending
The Basics of defending no-trump contracts
The Basics of defending trump contracts
Refinements to defending no-trump contracts
Refinements to defending trump contracts
Tips on Defending (incl. leads & signals)

Category 3 - Constructive Bidding
Strong two openings
Forcing Bids
Hand Evaluation (incl. Losing Trick Count)
Slam Bidding - Roman Keycard Blackwood & Gerber
Benjamin Twos
Trials Bids, Check-back & 4th suit forcing

Category 4 - Competitive Bidding
Doubling (Penalty & Takeout)

Protective Bidding
Defence to 1NT - Basic Landy
Protective Bidding
Unusual No-trump
Jump Overcalls
Negative Doubles
Ghestem (2-suited overcalls)

Play & Learn Sessions (improve dummy play and defence)

About the Tutorials

All sessions last between 2.45 to 3.15 hours. 
Play & Learn Sessions are available for any standard; pre-set hands
are played by the students and discussed afterwards in Open Forum.
The main focus is on dummy play and defence.

Hand analyses are given out at the end.

Tutorials start with an interactive presentation, lasting up to one hour,
followed by the students playing pre-set, topic related hands.
Presentation notes and hand analyses are given out at the end.

Although each tutorial focuses primarily on the topic being discussed,
many other issues arise during the presentation and play.

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Bridge Classes

Area covered

Dublin Central & North Central
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