"I would have no hesitation in recommending Ranald Milne as a bridge teacher at whatever level of Tuition is required"
CEO, Contract Bridge Association of Ireland (CBAI)

"... good humoured and urbane..."
Introduction to the CBAI Simultaneous Pairs 2009 commentary

"...plenty of bridge knowledge to share around"
Eamonn Galligan (Bridge commentator)
Senior Improvers III - Bidding & Play
This series of 10 classes introduces the student to yet more advanced bidding and play techniques. It covers a lot of ground, so is quite intensive.

Among the topics for discussion will be

Benjamin Twos
Tips for Defenders
Bidding Minor-suited games
Unusual No-trump
Trials Bids, Check-back & 4th suit forcing
Jump Overcalls
Tips for Declarer

At the same time students will also receive many tips on playing the cards.

Senior Improvers III


Each session lasts approximately 3 hours (see class schedule below)

10 classes for €180

€30 off if booked before the 20th December

Notes and hand analyses are emailed afterwards,
so that you can study further at your leisure. Printed copies can be pre-ordered for an extra €10

To book your place call Ranald on 086 3868480
or email

All events are subject to confirmed demand. We reserve the right to withdraw offers should insufficient numbers register in advance.

We also reserve the right to alter tutorial topics without warning.

Session notes, exercises, aids and reference materials are available only to those who have paid to attend the session to which the documents pertain.

All session notes, exercises, aids and reference materials are the intellectual property of Dublin Bridge. Students are expected to respect the copyright and not to share either the printed or electronically held material with anyone other than fellow students.

Dublin Bridge is a registered trade name (374152) for Tri-Cubic Consultants Ltd. Registered in Ireland No. 376792

Class Schedule

To Be Determined

27, All Hallows Square
Dublin 9

Ranald Milne

086 3868480


Bridge Classes

Area covered

Dublin Central & North Central
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