Why subscribe to IIBI?

About IIBI

The Irish Independent Business Index is a website of subscribing businesses keen to raise their profile with internet users, so
  • If you want your services or products to be visible to the growing numbers of internet users

  • If you want internet users to be able to find you quickly

  • If you want to promote yourself all year round for less than the price of a small newspaper advertisement
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Ø     We provide an opportunity for inexpensive promotion of your business

Ø     You’ll have a dedicated webpage. Absolutely no third-party advertising will be placed on this page

Ø     We offer a unique synonym search facility. This means that site searches don’t require exact word matches for many standard business terms

Ø     We use proven techniques for increasing the likelihood of your details being found by Internet Search engines such as Google and Yahoo

Ø     You’ll be sent a monthly email, independently generated, showing the number of visitors to your page

Ø     You will be given your own IIBI email address. This will redirect emails to your own address, helping you to both, identify mails from this site and protect you from spam

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To get your business details onto a dedicated page of this website all you need do is
  1. Click on "Apply" and fill in as much or as little information as you wish to display about your business or service. Tips on filling out the form are included.

  2. Once we've received your application, we will build your page and get your approval.

  3. Both your approval and payment must be received before the page is launched. 



Why subscribe to IIBI?
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