Subscription Prices
Price Discounts available
Index and link only option (See Note 1 below)  25 euro per year
Full Page (See Note 2 below)  50 euro per year
Second and subsequent pages (See Note 3 below)  20 euro per year
Page changes after page launch (see Note 4 below)  15 euro per change
Pictures (see Note 5 below)  20 euro each per year
Additional index/category entries    5 euro each per year

Notes on Prices

Note 1
The index and link option allows you to display contact, link and special promotion information only and to have an entry in the Business Index.  Special promotions text may not contain information on your day to day activities.

Note 2
By taking out a Full Page you get all the features of the Index & Link option plus space to describe your business, services and products.

Note 3
Second and subsequent pages are offered only where the same business appears under multiple categories or where a business requires multiple pages to display details of its business.

Note 4
There is no charge for minor corrections
 or for changes made at time of annual renewal.

Note 5
Due to the slowness caused by the down-loading of pictures, we do not accept them as part of your main page. However, within your main page, you may give your visitors the option to view pictures.  If you’re interested in this option please call to discuss.

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